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Access Denied at Alfreton Station

Alfreton Town Council has reacted angrily to the news that the disability works at the Towns station to make platform two accessible to all users has seemingly been pulled just eighteen months after the scheme was given the green light.The scheme had also been fully surveyed, designed and costed, and presented to the public last autumn. The Town Council are seeking formal confirmation, but understand the scheme has been pulled by the Department for Transport. Cllr Scott Walker, Leader of the Council said ‘the public needs to be aware that it is the Government who have stopped the scheme and the reality of the situation is that it could be more than seven years before the scheme comes around. It is unacceptable that the scheme has been stopped again and that the bad news has been sneaked out when cynically before the last General Election the news of the scheme approval was broadcast from the rooftops’ The Town Council has also had train operating companies contacting them unsure of the situation as they have not been told by the Government department.

The Town Council has vowed to keep up its 20 year fight, and is working with a number of bodies to highlight the plight of disabled passengers and bring about a discrimination claim. Town Mayor Mary Kerry added ‘the situation beggars belief with unprecedented investment in the rail industry, when fares keep rising faster than inflation and HS2 is going to connect with a route that some people can’t even access. The scheme is all designed and it is no defence that the cost of the scheme make it reasonable for the discrimination to take place when the vast budgets of Network Rail are considered’. The Town Council also understands that a taxi service is available for disabled customer’s, but needs to be booked in advance. The Council has asked that the service be advertised, but the train operating companies are not prepared to change the signage at the station advising customers to take a one hour detour. The Town Council encourages rail users to ask about and use this service.

Trent Buses Failed Promise To Residents

Alfreton Town Council has raised concerns for public safety with the news that local bus operator Trent Barton is to press ahead with the introduction of larger buses on the nines route only months after assuring local residents that it would not run larger busses down Alma and Grange Streets in the town. The promise came at a public meeting organised by the Town Council and attended by over 100 residents after much concern that the roads along the new route were extremely narrow and congested and pass three schools, three nurseries and a Surestart centre.

Town Mayor Cllr Mary Kerry said “not only is it regrettable that busses continue to run down narrow residential streets filled daily with young children, but to find out that Trent Barton are reneging on their promise to local residents a little over eighteen months since the public meeting is totally unacceptable “. The Town Council has called upon Trent Barton to rethink its plans and keep its promise and run their larger busses via the High Street to protect local residents and school children.

Alfreton Town Council
Alfreton Town Council added 2 new photos.Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018 at 11:19am
The Mayor of Alfreton has praised an expanding firm for its decision to stay in the town and create 30 new jobs.
Cllr John Walker made the comments after opening a High Street extension of Bidwell and Henderson Cost Consultants.
The company, which works with a range of law firms across the UK, has recently seen its number of consultants rise from 15 to 22.
It was first set up in Alfreton House as tenants of the Town Council before moving onto the High Street. Since then, it has gradually expanded on the site.
Cllr Walker said: "We are very glad they have remained in the town and produced quality jobs.
"They bring another aspect of work to Alfreton and certainly help the economy," added Cllr Walker who is a member of the Town Council. He was recently re-elected to Amber Valley Borough Council.
With its road and rail links, as well as a range of housing, Alfreton is proving attractive to a range of industries.
The firm was created in 2014 by its three current directors, Rebecca and Mark Bidwell with Ann Henderson. They are all local and say Alfreton is a perfect location because it is central to them.
The company handles bills for solicitors, ensuring law firms get paid promptly and correctly. This often helps solicitors to provide legal aid to hard-up people who would struggle to afford it.
Last year, the directors took on the firms' first trainees and an apprentice, Chelsea Allcock, who is from Alfreton. She has already done so well that she won promotion.
A company official said: "Our work offers professional legal jobs for anyone looking for a career in law with the chance to progress. We offer a variety of work and flexible working.
"We have grown quickly because our team is focused on providing the best level of service to our solicitor clients.
"We are looking to recruit 30 new team members over the next 12 months. We intend to remain in Alfreton and bring more professional jobs to the area."
Director Rebecca Bidwell said: "Alfreton has been and will continue to be the perfect location for our professional legal business.
"We have recruited exceptional team members here and being able to enjoy the benefits of the high street daily is a real plus."
Alfreton Town Council
Alfreton Town CouncilTuesday, May 22nd, 2018 at 9:34am
Footpath 70 Closure
The Council were informed about the continued closure of footpath 70 on the Wheeldons development on Outseats Farm and raised concerns with Derbyshire County Council as the closure had been in place before the dates notified and requesting that sufficient space is left open. They were also disappointed that no consultation had taken place on this closure.
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Alfreton Town CouncilThursday, May 17th, 2018 at 2:22pm
In March the Council wrote to David Nieper Academy to understand the issues of the unfinished ground works and to raise concerns from Local Residents in that area. A response has been received from the Academy confirming that the unfinished works will be completed and that a new contractor is being sought with work expected to be completed in summer.
The Academy was also pleased to report that they were expecting a full capacity for their year 7 intake for 2018/19.
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Alfreton Town CouncilMonday, April 30th, 2018 at 9:00am
Dog Bags
At their Meeting in February 2018 the Council agreed to continue to provide free dog bags available from Alfreton House.