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Alfreton Town Council shared their post.Tuesday, November 20th, 2018 at 10:36am
Still available to complete
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Alfreton Town Council added 9 new photos.Friday, November 16th, 2018 at 5:40pm
Alfreton pays tribute to those lost in war, both past and current conflicts
Thank you to all those who attended, organised and participated in the commemorations.
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Alfreton Town CouncilThursday, November 15th, 2018 at 6:44pm
The Town Council has been made aware of a local petition for the Building Poppy on Alfreton House to be retained as a permanent feature.
The Royal British Legion have advised the Town Council that 'the Poppy is intended as a temporary installation and should only be displayed during the Poppy Appeal period (mid October to mid November) or when other remembrance related activity is taking place' due to the structure not being fully weatherproof.
The Town Council is however keen to seek views on the Poppy and residents are invited to complete the survey by following the link below or by commenting below. Responses will be collated in two weeks and discussed at the Council meeting in December.
Residents are welcome to attend any council meeting, details on public participation can also be found below.

The Town Council is keen to seek views on the Building Poppy. Please select a preference from the list below:
1 Building Poppy to be made weatherproof and installed permanently on Alfreton House.

2 Building Poppy to be installed annually in late October and removed after Remembrance Sunday.

The first 100 responses will be collated from this.

Public Participation:

Council Meetings:
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Alfreton Town Council shared Alfreton Police SNT's post.Sunday, November 11th, 2018 at 1:37pm
Alfreton you have done yourself proud today. A great turn out by the local community to pay their respects. 100 years and never forgotten.
Alfreton Town Council
Alfreton Town Council added 4 new photos.Thursday, November 8th, 2018 at 7:17pm
The Town Council would like to respond to recent posts on social media.
Residents will know that the Town Council installed a building poppy 4 years ago to commemorate 100 years since the start of WWI, that poppy has been in place for the centenary of that conflict and will be removed a short while after 11th November.
Some places have put Poppies on lamp posts and these can be purchased from the Royal British Legion by Borough, County and Parish Councils, Community Groups, Businesses and individuals. The Town Council had considered putting Poppies on lamp posts throughout the town and the thought was a poppy for each person lost in WWI from Alfreton of which there were 121. However, this offered some logistical challenges and the council was keen to provide a sustainable tribute. We therefore decided, instead to commemorate the event in a different direction to some of our neighbouring towns.
We have planted a flower in the grounds of Alfreton House for each of the 121 people who lost their lives; they have been planted in 2 specially commissioned troughs kindly donated by Amberol a local manufacturer. The troughs will remain in the grounds of Alfreton House for many years to come and we intend to replace those flowers every year with the same number as a perpetual memorial to the Fallen.
The Town Council has also acquired three poignantly beautiful benches which will be a lasting tribute, that can be appreciated for many years to come. One has been installed adjacent the War Memorial, one adjacent to the commemorative flower troughs at Alfreton House, and one is to be set at the Centenary Green, which the Town Council named to reflect the centenary of WW1.
The Inner Wheel Club of Alfreton has planted a peace rose in the grounds of Alfreton House to commemorate the end of WWI. Some evocative, plain wooden crosses have appeared on the war memorial and there have been other acts of remembrance, some in conjunction with the Town Council, some spontaneously from community groups and individuals
The Town Council will be participating, as it has done for many years in the procession to the War Memorial in support of the Royal British Legion. This Special Year, starting at 6.10pm there will be the Town Council's tribute on behalf of the people of Alfreton with the 'Battles Over' commemoration where the names of the fallen and a special poem will be read, a beacon will be lit by the Town Mayor. There will also be special tributes from local entertainers and young people. A copy of the programme is attached. We hope that many people will join us in this special tribute.
We are sorry that some people have been disappointed not to see 'lamp post poppies' however earnestly hope that everyone will see that the Town Council has made a significant and enduring attempt on behalf of local people to commemorate the millions killed or wounded in battle.