Alfreton Transparency Policy

Financial Year 2018/2019


Transactions over £500.00

March 2019
Zurich Municipal Insurance 5249.38 Insurance
R.S.M Home & Garden Improvements Toilet Refurbishment 535.87 Alfreton House & Properties/Personnel
City Illuminations Christmas Lights 763.73 Christmas Lights
Derbyshire Childrens Holiday Centre Grant 750.00 Grants
R.S.M. Home & Garden Improvements Labour/Machine hire for Poppy planting 1600.00 Personnel/Centenary Green
Salaries 4095.26 Personnel
February 2019
D.M.Sturt Christmas Tree 1025.00 Christmas Lights
Salaries 4095.26 Personnel
January 2019
City Illuminations Dismantle, storage of festive lights 12096.00 Christmas Lights
Waterplus Ltd Annual water bill 1331.94 Utilities
Salaries 4286.00 P
December 2018
Salaries 4286.00 Personnel
November 2018
JRB Enterprise Dog waste bags 985.20 Environment
R.S.M. Home & Garden Improvements Maintenance – war memorial, leaf collecting 646.30 Personnel, Alfreton House
Salaries 4,204.20 Personnel
Woolley Moor Nurseries Winter floral displays 1230.00 Alfreton House & Properties
R.S.M. Home & Garden Improvements Assemble new fence, hedge cutting, fit bench Centenary Green 1120.00 Alfreton House, Christmas Lights, Centenary green
David Ogilvie Engineering Ltd WW1 Memorial benches 2548.40 Alfreton House
City Illuminations 2400.00 Environment, Christmas Lights
October 2018
PKF Littlejohn LLP Audit 720.00 Administration
Location Audio Balance of stage hire 650.00 Balance of stage hire
SLCC Positive Psychology 522.00 Administration
Salaries 3,764.69 Personnel
September 2018
Salaries 3,765.08 Personnel
City Illuminations Anchor Testing 960.00 Christmas Lights
Alfreton Town Cricket Club Grant 1,500.00 Grant
Sleetmoor United Grant 1,000.00 Grant
Alfreton Town Football Club Sponsorship 3,000.00 Sponsorship
The Joker Entertainment Elf Antics stageshow 780.00 Christmas Event
August 2018
Salaries 4695.20 Personnel
R.S.M. Home & Garden Improvements Watering of hanging baskets, grass cutting 720.00 Alfreton House
Woolley Moor Nurseries Summer Plants 979.08 Environment
Andrews Builders Re-pointing works to roof 596.40 Alfreton House
July 2018
Amber Sound FM Radio roadshow (Party in the Park grant) 780.00 Grants
G Mudford & Sons Ltd Marquee Hire (Party in the Park Grant) 3228.00 Grants
Salaries Personnel 5195.26
June 2018
RMB Electricals Testing & Install Emergency Lighting 516.00 Alfreton House & Prop
Salaries Personnel 5195.26
May 2018
D.U.W.C Grant 5000.00 Grant
Salaries Personnel 6020.61
April 2018
A.V.B.C Room 1 Rates 1248.00 Alfreton House
A.V.B.C Room 12 Rates 1320.00 Alfreton House
A.V.B.C Annual Refuse Collection 1017.52 Alfreton House
Salaries Personnel 5110.48 Personnel
D.C.C. Cleaning 17/18 8824.03 Cleaning Contract

Financial Year 2017/2018

Alfreton Transparency Policy

Exercise of Public Rights 2017/2018

Annual Governance and Accountability Return 17.18

Completed audit return 18.19 

APRIL 2017
R Beecroft Boiler Repairs 575 Alfreton House
British Gas Electricity 670.18 Alfreton House
Rotary Club of Alfreton Grant 685.00 Grants
Derbyshire Childrens Hol Home Grant 750.00 Grants
AVBC Trade Refuse 2017/18 989.31 Alfreton House/Prop’s
Location Audio Stage Hire 1000.00 Balances
Friends of Woodbridge Grant 1000.00 Grants
AVBC Rates Room 1 1211.60 Alfreton House & Prop’s
AVBC Rates Room 12 1281.50 Alfreton House
DUWC Grant 2500.00 Grants
MAY 2017
O Heap & Son Ltd New Fire Alarm 1054.45 Alfreon House
J Mullarkey Catering 1160.00 Mayoral Funds
British Gas Gas 1227.57 Alfreton House
C Richards Plants, Compost 1433.70 Environment
Personnel Wages 4518.97 Personnel
JUNE 2017
Personnel Wages 6413.74 Personnel
Alfreton Town Council Transfer to Natwest bank 60000.00 FSCS cover
JULY 2017
British Gas Electricity 595.85 Utilities
Mudford & Son Marquee Hire for Party in the Park 3552.00 Grants
RMB Electrical Services Lighting, fan, switches & sockets 582.00 Alfreton House
Personnel Wages 6658.16 Personnel
GEE Security Limited Additional CCTV Camera installation 516.00 Alfreton House and Properties
Personnel Wages 7213.65 Personnel
Joker Entertainment Elf Antics Show 960.00 Alfreton House & Prop
Alfreton Male Voice Choir Grant 600.00 Grant
Alfreton & District Heritage Trust Grant 750.00 Grant
Alfreton Cricket Club Grant 1500.00 Grant
Alfreton Town Football Club Sponsorship 3000.00 Grant
Personnel Wages 5483.61 Personnel
British Gas Electric 589.12 Alfreton House
Alfreton House Tea rooms Buffet for Civic Service 745.00 Mayoral
City Illuminations Christmas Lights 1752.00 Christmas Lights
Personnel Wages 5615.29 Personnel
Town Clerk Reimbursement for replacement Poppy 600.00 Alfreton House
Staff salaries and associated costs Personnel 5382.96 Personnel
D.M. Sturt Christmas Tree 1307.00 Christmas Lights
Salaries Personnel 4806.20 Personnel
City Illuminations Maintenance & Installation of Christmas Lights 18144.00 Christmas Lights
Salaries Personnel 5115.36 Personnel
Drainage 2000 Ltd Drain repairs 704.65 Alfreton House
The South Normanton Area Foodbank Grant 2500.00 Grants
Alfreton & District Amateur Sports Club Grant 1500.00 Grants
City Illuminations Dismantle & storage of Christmas Lights 12096.00 Christmas Lights
British Gas Gas Oct 17 – Jan18 1099.94
Location Audio Deposit for stage hire Xmas event 2018 800.00 Christmas Event
A.V.B.C Contribution towards Amber Valley Dementia Action Alliance 7500.00 Environment
Ornamental Engineering Allotment Gates 2500.00 Allotments
Salaries Personnel 5162.19 Salaries
MARCH 2018
JRB Enterprise Dog Waste Bags 985.20 Environment
Salaries Personnel 5384.66 Personnel
Zurich Municipal Insurance 5701.56 Insurance
John Booth Arborucultural Consultancy 810.00 Outseats Farm
D.C.C 2016/17 Cleaning Charges 8515.58 Cleaning Contract
City Illuminations Replacement Lights 1122.00 Christmas Lights

Completed Audit Statements 2016-2017

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 31.03.2017

Copy of Annual Return 16.17 the approved document will show here when received.

Declaration of status of published accounts

Annual report 2017


Financial Year 2015/2016

Audit notice

Annual return Audit 31.03.15

Financial Year 2014/2015


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