Amber Valley Borough Council are responsible for planning applications in Alfreton. There are statutory requirements that exist to ensure that applications are published, consulted on and determined by them whist taking into account the opinions of local councils (i.e Alfreton Town Council). Derbyshire County Council are responsible for minerals and waste planning throughout the county, apart from within the Peak District National Park or Derby city, both in terms of preparing plans and dealing with planning applications.

Notification of planning applications are received by Alfreton Town Council. These are then sent to the Chair and Vice-Chair of planning who are given the powers to respond to the application on behalf of the Council. All applications are then presented to Full Council at each meeting for any objections of comments to be ratified and resolved.

The link below can be used to view all planning applications of Amber Valley Borough Council, if you kow of the address this can be input or you can search on ‘Alfreton’ in the address key word to show all applications made in Alfreton, these will include surrounding areas that use Alfreton in their address. Alfreton Town Council are only able to comment on those which are within the Council boundaries which are the A38, Railway line and Alfreton Brook.

What is a valid objection to a planning application?

The Borough Council can only take into account ‘material planning considerations’. The most common of these (although not an exhaustive list) are shown below:

  • Loss of light or overshadowing
  • Overlooking/loss of privacy
  • Visual amenity (but not loss of private view)
  • Adequacy of parking/loading/turning
  • Highway safety
  • Traffic generation
  • Noise and disturbance resulting from use
  • Hazardous materials
  • Smells
  • Loss of trees
  • Effect on listed building and conservation area
  • Layout and density of building
  • Design, appearance and materials
  • Landscaping
  • Road access
  • Local, strategic, regional and national planning policies
  • Government circulars, orders and statutory instruments
  • Disabled persons’ access
  • Compensation and awards of costs against the Council at public enquiries
  • Proposals in the Development Plan
  • Previous planning decisions (including appeal decisions)
  • Nature conservation
  • Archaeology
  • Solar panels

They cannot take into account matters which are sometimes raised but are not normally planning considerations such as:

  • The perceived loss of property value
  • Private disputes between neighbours
  • The loss of a view
  • The impact of construction work or competition between firms
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Ownerships disputes over rights of way
  • Fence lines etc
  • Personal morals or views about the applicant.

A copy of the Draft Local Plan can be found here –

Application Number Observation/Objection
Application Reference:



The Kitchen And Bathroom Company Mansfield Road Alfreton Derbyshire DE55 7JQ


Extension and alteration to kitchen/bathroom showroom to provide 6 flats at first floor level and 4 flats on a new level in roof space






The Town Council would like to object on the grounds of lack of parking & current traffic issues in the area.A review is ongoing with DCC of road safety especially in relation to the roundabout & the Town Council would ask that any outcomes of this review are considered in line with this application.

Application Reference:



Tesco Stores Ltd Hall Street Alfreton Derbyshire DE55 7BQ


Continued use of 9 parking bays to functionas a hand car wash and valeting operation including installation of an office and erection of a canopy.




The Town Council is concerned about the continual erosion of the car parking provision within the original planning approval, which follows many deviations and failure to provide planning gain such as the promised town clock. These changes impact negatively on the local community in particular local residents who are subjected to overflow car parking from the decreasing car park provision.