Bus gate on Aumonier Way – COND/2024/0036

On Saturday 27th April 2024 several Town Councillors met with residents who raised concerns at the Town Council meeting on 16th April 2024 regarding the bus gate on Aumonier Way.
The details of the planning condition are:
Our Ref: COND/2024/0036
Discharge of condition 23 (details of a facility to prevent the free flow of private vehicles through the site) of AVA/2012/0084
Development Type:
Land South Of Mansfield Road And North Of A38 Mansfield Road Alfreton Derbyshire
Wheeldon Brothers Ltd
Wheeldon House Prime Parkway Derby Derbyshire DE1 3QB
The Town Council resolved at their meeting on 19/03/2024;
  i. That the concerns are raised with AVBC as planning authority to consider;
  That it is noted that the positioning was to safely provide a crossing place for the bridleway
  That the roundabout was designed on the flow of traffics anticipated with the current planned location
  The burden on tax payers money for the bus gate and roundabout adjustments
  That there is some deterrent and that the bus gate is not completely removed
  That the residents are informed to contact DCC and AVBC as the Highways and planning authority respectively
  Members of the public are reminded to contact DCC and AVBC as the Highways and planning authorities respectively
The contact details for DCC Highways are;
Place Highways Hub (Place) Highways.Hub@derbyshire.gov.uk
The elected member’s contact details are Charlotte.Cupit@derbyshire.gov.uk
The details for AVBC planning is;
Development development@ambervalley.gov.uk
The Alfreton elected members are;
Cllr Dolman, Gail gail.dolman@ambervalley.gov.uk;
Cllr Wood, Keith Keith.Wood@ambervalley.gov.uk;
Cllr Marshall-Clarke, Steve steve.marshall-clarke@ambervalley.gov.uk
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