Young People Provisions – Alfreton

As part of the Town Clerk’s current studies for Community Governance, a survey has been prepared on the topic of Young People provisions in Alfreton which we would like to invite you to complete.  This is entirely optional and you may withdraw at any time.


This is to understand what is currently available and what the desires are for future provisions.  The Town Council has for some time been seeking suitable locations for a community hub.  This will also house some young people provisions, which were sadly removed from Alfreton some years ago by the County Council.


The Town Council is embarking on a programme of fact-finding missions to understand the current and required wants and needs of the young people in and around Alfreton.


If you work with, have, or represent a young person please complete the attached.  If you have any further information you would like to share or are interested in getting involved, please email

Thank you on behalf of the Clerk, Tina Crookes and the Town Council.

The survey can be accessed here:


participant-information-sheet-28.04.23 v1

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