Alfreton Regeneration Plan

Lead Member: Councillor D Taylor

Support Member:  Councillors S Marshall-Clarke

Working group members:  Councillors: M Bennett, H Jowett-Frost, M Kerry, J Walker

Measure Funds Actions required Timescale

Funded by Alfreton Town Council:

Social media presence/advertising £2,000.00 Review and release monthly positive media stories.  Boost posts Short Term
Car park incentives £5,000.00 Match fund WBF for lost income only
Fund tidy up scheme £2,000 Launch a tidy up scheme.  Provide litter picking equipment to community groups. Medium Term
Identify a community facility for Youth and other user groups Separate budget and project Identify and facilitate a network for youth and user groups Medium Term
Complete historical trail £10,000.00 Complete the historical trail with interpretation boards Medium Term
Annual sporting events £5,000.00 Identify, promote and encourage sporting events.  Cycling, running, football, cricket, golf. Medium Term

Funded through WBF:

Institute Lane – Market rights £1,000.00 Work with AVBC to lift or reduce restrictions on use End March 2022
Pop-up zone, marketing, branding £4,000.00 Identify locations and permissions End March 2022
Free car parking £5,000.00 Identify costs and probability of offering free parking.  Rodgers Lane East. End March 2022
Town Brand £5,000.00 Promote a theme for Alfreton End March 2022
Information points at Bus Station/Train Station £1,000.00 Provide information points at a location in town End March 2022
Planting Scheme – include Town Centre £3,000.00 Provide additional planting in the town centre End March 2022
Town Centre green spaces See above End March 2022
Business Forum £1,200.00 Facilitate the set up of a Business Forum End March 2022
Showcase local artists/artisans/cultural events £5,000.00 Create a trail of local artists to promote the work of Alfreton.  Events to celebrate diversity End March 2022
Busker Event £5,000.00 End March 2022
Adopt telephone box (within info points) Adopt and reinvent the telephone box End March 2022