Mayor’s Diary and Local Events

At the Annual Council meeting in May 2017, Councillor J Walker was made Mayor for the Civic year 2017 to 2018.

If you would like the Mayor to attend an event please contact the office on 01773 520032 or email

Date Event
 06/06/2017 National Volunteer Week - Air Ambulance
06/06/2017 S.A.F.F.A Annual Meeting
22/06/2017 High Sheriff's Summer Reception
01/07/2017 Buxton Military Tattoo
02/07/2017 The Mercian Annual Pilgrimage
17/09/2017 Amber Valley Annual Civic Service
23/09/2017 N.E.D.D.C Brass Band Concert
14/10/2017 Alfreton Male Voice Choir
28/10/2017 Choral Society Concert


Mayoral Year 2016/2017 Councillor M Kerry

Date Location
11.07.2016 Fun Run Green Gables
20.07.2016 Volkswagen 'give back to the community' Park Improvements.
Alfreton Welfare Park 4-4.30pm
21.07.2016 'Meet the Presidents' - Rotary Club
01.09.2016 ABF Soldiers' Charity Dinner
24.09.2016 North East Derbyshire Disctrict Council, Annual Brass Band Festival
09.10.2016 High Sheriff's Legal Service
15.10.2016 Alfreton Male Voice Choir Performance
28.10.2016 Skate Park Unveiling
20.11.2016 Ripley Town Council Civic Service